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What Clients Are Saying
Enza knew exactly how I should price my home given the current market so that it would sell quickly, yet give me the best return. She provided sound advice on to prepare my home for listing (some simple things, like clean the windows). She was very responsive to all of my emails, texts and phone calls, usually answering all questions within minutes. She helped with decisions I needed to make regarding the offer on my home. Even though my home was not an expensive home and commission would clearly be less than that of a higher-end home, she treated me (and my home) as though I was selling a castle. Enza understands how emotional it can be to sell a home and offered moral support throughout the process. In addition to being the most knowledgeable real estate agent I've ever known, professional in all aspects of the business, she is upbeat, friendly and very personable. I would absolutely recommend Enza to anyone who wants to sell (or buy) a home, you simply will not find her equal.
November 27, 2018
Enza is very dedicated and truly represents her client! In this case we were Buyers and she did everything under the sun to make sure that we will be happy after we purchased the house. She gives you good advice and is very accommodating to our needs! I thank Enza for all her hard work.
February 19, 2019